VoIP Infrastructure & Support

BJC has many years of VoIP implementation and support experience. Our professionals specialize in identifying and designing a solution that perfectly fits your business needs.

Our VoIP infrastructure and support services essentially allows your entire phone system to exist in the cloud. A solution that is both easy and affordable. We simplify the transition to cloud and get your system up and running.

Using a well implemented VoIP service ensures that a company does not get stuck with an old phone system that does not scale as the company grows. This eliminates the risk of having to migrate to a brand-new phone system which would be both costly and time consuming. Instead, we offer a seamless switch to the cloud with no enhancement to your user experience.

Not all cloud based solutions on the market are the same. Most services are a one size fit all product that offers nearly no flexibility. Our system is built and designed around the customer with technical support hosted in the United States.


The benefits of using a cloud-based phone system (VoIP):

  • Speak from anywhere – whether you’re taking a call or making one, it does not matter where you are physically. Use any iOS or Android device to receive and make calls while you’re away from your desk.


  • Cost Savings – Compared to traditional services pricing can easily be half of your current cost.


  • 100% Cloud based – with no servers or infrastructure to maintain you can make or receive calls, record calls and get valuable statistics all from your desktop computer or smart phone or directly on an IP phone.


  • Smart call routing – direct all incoming calls to the least engaged representative first, giving the customer a satisfying experience by saving them a lot of hold time.


  • Flexible call transfers and conference – the ability to transfer calls to anyone. Be it a support expert available remotely, or any phone number of a team member, completely free of charge.


  • Automatic Call Recordings – the ability to analyze and sample the different calls business representatives make is priceless. All calls will be automatically recorded and will be available for review at any time of your choosing.