Cloud Migration & Support

Migration to the cloud can lower costs while increasing uptime, and provides immense value to your business.  It takes careful planning and preparations. BJC has been operating in this field for many years, and have extensive experience in cloud migration especially using hybrid solutions. We have spent a very long time developing our methodology for a successful transition to the cloud. Our process involves three phases: research, migration, and training.

Research – Planning is everything. Before performing any technical task, our professionals will work with the client to create a battle-plan that will achieve the client’s goals quickly and efficiently. We try to understand the available assets, the business dependencies and other special circumstances that need to be taken into account during such a sensitive process.

Migration – As a service provider than has helped many businesses migrate to the cloud, we know how to get your business to where it needs to be. Our streamlined approach and technology allows for a smooth transition of all your data to the cloud.

Hybrid – With most small business we find that leveraging the cloud with a basic local server allows all of the benefits of both solutions so that you can work in the office and on the road yet maintain control and security of your systems.

Training – Why give a man a fish when you can teach him how to fish? Having your business migrated to the cloud opens up a new world of efficiency and many new ways of performing previously tedious tasks. Once everything is in place, the BJC team will instruct you on how to best use your new cloud-based systems in order to increase productivity and profitability.

Why migrate to the cloud in the first place? The Cloud benefits all aspects of an organization, making the business case for cloud migration clear. The reasons include:

Financial freedom – gone are the days when companies needed to also be in the data center business. There’s no reason these days to own and operate your own servers. The cloud allows you to save on expenditures and invest the money in areas that will further the growth of your business.

Flexibility – The need for repairing and replacing hardware is no more. Welcome to the world of agile server scaling.

Integration – If you have many separate systems your organization uses you are wasting labor and management costs. The cloud can help integrate systems to save costs and increase efficiency.

Scalability – The cloud in its core is a scalable system. The client can scale with ease and react in real time to any possible change to the business ecosystem.

Security –  Cloud platform services have security systems that are on par with major banks. Moving to the cloud frees the business from large digital security related investments while still giving their data the highest level of online safety.